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Baby wipes production machine: Print E-mail

Historically, baby wipes has been imported into the Nigerian market. With the rise in the demand for the diapers, the demand for the baby wipes has also increased tremendously over the last several years. We are now giving you the opportunity to produce your brand of baby wipe locally for the Nigeria
market to meet the daily growing demand. Also, in addition to the baby wipes, the machine is also capable of producing women beauty wipes which is used for the deep cleansing and removal of make up from women’s face to give them a refreshing and smooth look.

1. Produces 16,800 folds/Hr. i.e. 210 packs of 80pcs/Hr.
2. Fully automatic machine. Produces alcohol free wipes.
3. Machine produces same quality as international brands.
4. Hypoallergenic
5. Produces soft, durable, extra thick and smooth with Aloe Vera options.
6. Start your own baby wipe production line with as low as N5M.
7. Quiet operation. Requires 2-3 staff. Easy to manage.
8. Requires minimal space
9. Great export potential to neighboring west African countries.
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