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Charcoal / Briquette Making Machine: Print E-mail
 coal briquette.jpg - 2.89 Kb
This machine produces charcoal bricks or sticks for general purpose cooking and heating. It provides a source of clean and renewable energy. The raw materials include saw dusts, coal powder, straw and grass. There’s enormous potential for the finished products for outdoor cooking like caterers and barbeques.
Disposable paper dinner box / Disposable paper plate making machine: Print E-mail
With restaurants, hotels and eateries sprouting up everywhere around our country, the demand for paper dinner boxes has never been more. With our culture of celebrations day in day out including wedding anniversaries, baby naming, and carry outs, the demand for paper dinner boxes and paper plates would continuously be on the increase.
Block or concrete making machine: Print E-mail
With massive developments in real estate sector all over the country in a move by the Government and private companies to meet the ever increasing demands by Nigerians to have decent housing, the block making industry has always been an affordable business investment and very lucrative business opportunity since the inception of time.
Box/facial tissue production: Print E-mail
facial tissue machine 
Facial tissue or box tissue commonly seen in cars, offices and hotels has become increasingly popular with the emergence of the middle class and the exponential increase in the numbers of new & used car purchases recorded in the Nigeria market. The Government ban on the importation has also created a huge opportunity for local manufacturers to take advantage of the gap in demand.
Core making machine:
1. Can be used as an additional equipment in your toilet roll production.
2. Produces brown and white core rolls.
3. Produced core rolls can be supplied to other tissue manufacturing companies and textile industries.
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