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Automatic Toilet Core Making Machine Print E-mail

1.Function and Character:
a. GM-ZJJ-A Type Automatic Toilet Paper Core Making Machine is a special equipment of producing toilet paper core, Which is advanced in designing and easy in operation.

Automatic Toilet Paper / Kitchen Towel Machine Print E-mail

1. Main Specification:
1) Diameter of finished product: 80-150mm Inner
Diameter of Core: 25-55mm
2) Size of jumbo roll: Max.Width: 1800mm

Wet Tissue Folding & Packing Machine Print E-mail

We can supply Multi-Pieces Wet Tissue Folding & Packing Machine. It consist of Multi-Pieces Wet Tissue Folding Machine Model: GM-CJJ-200 and Multi-Pieces Wet Tissue Packaging Machine Model: GM-DSJ-20. These two machines are becoming one complete production line to produce wet tissues in 5 to 20 pcs per package.

Women sanitary pad production line: Print E-mail
sanitary.jpg - 8.99 Kb
Women all over Nigeria will continually need an effective, convenient and reliable sanitary pad to help protect them during their monthly menstrual cycle. The demand on the sanitary pad has been on the increase with more women condemning the use of toilet rolls for not being effective and opting for the sanitary pads. Historically, sanitary pads had always been imported into the country but recently, large organizations had taken advantage of this opportunity to manufacture locally and enjoyed high patronage. Now at Goldmine Global, you too can get a piece of the action.
Serviette/ napkin / mini facial tissue production: Print E-mail

 The Federal Government has banned the importation of serviettes thereby leaving local manufacturers with great opportunity to tap into the consumers needs. With the recent and continued increase in the popularity of eateries, restaurants and Hotels in Nigeria, the demands for serviettes has never been more. With our culture of celebrations such as weddings, parties and numerous social events, serviettes will always be in high demand.

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1. Produces up to 350pcs per minute. Also produces mini-facial tissue.

2. Size of finished goods is 33cm X 33cm.

3. Produces different colors of serviettes.

4. Self embossing and Automatic counter.

5. Allows companies to have their logo or names printed on serviette.(i.e. Mr. biggs, TFC, Nandos, Sweet sensation).

6. Maximum of 6 color printers can be added depending on Model.

7. Achievable profit potential of N15M per annum. Based on 8hr daily shift.

8. 2 Operators. Silent and easy to manage.

9. Requires minimal space. Raw materials available locally.

10. Great export potential to other African Neighboring countries.

serviette machine 

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