Milling & Drilling Machine GM-D7045FG, GM-D7040FG, GM-D7032FG Print


Drilling capacity: 45mm; 40mm; 32mm;
Face milling capacity: 80mm; 80mm; 63mm;
End milling capcaity: 32mm; 32mm; 20mm;
Max.distance from spindle nose to table: 450mm; 450mm; 450mm;

Min.distance from spindle axis to column: 260mm; 260mm; 260mm;
Spindle travel: 130mm; 130mm; 130mm;
Spindle taper: M.T.4 or R8; M.T.4 or R8; M.T.4 or R8
Step of speed: 6; 6; 6;
Range of spindle speed: 50Hz 80-1250r.p.m.; 80-1250r.p.m.; 80-1250r.p.m.;
60Hz 95-1500r.p.m.; 95-1500r.p.m.; 95-1500r.p.m;