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Sunday, 20 December 2009 18:13

We can supply Multi-Pieces Wet Tissue Folding & Packing Machine. It consist of Multi-Pieces Wet Tissue Folding Machine Model: GM-CJJ-200 and Multi-Pieces Wet Tissue Packaging Machine Model: GM-DSJ-20. These two machines are becoming one complete production line to produce wet tissues in 5 to 20 pcs per package.

A. Multi-Pieces Wet Tissue Folding Machine Model: GM-CJJ-200

Function & Features:
1. This machine is the ideal equipment for folding and processing in napkin paper, Non-Woven fabric and air laid paper.
2. The produt specification from 170~400mm is at customer's option,white the machine and the production process sf each type is the same.
3. This perfect in dsigning, stable in operating, high in production efficiency, simple in running and convinent in maintenance, efficiency, which settles for various manufacturers to invest.
4. The main production process for this machine: Jumbo roll unwinding--pressing and conveying--rectificating(according to the customer's choice)--vertical folding--paper conveying--folding horizontally--slitting--damping--water compressing.
5. This machine is with auto-counting device, and the number of the paper can be designed by customer.
6. This machine also can be equipped with the rectifier as per customer's demand, with auto-wetting recycle device.

Main Specification:
1. Production specification: ( 200x200mm )According to the measure and type of the machine
2. Jumbo roll specification: Thickness 13-80g/m2, below 30g/m2 in double-ply, over 30g/m2 in single-ply, diameter≤1200mm (air laid paper, N.W. fabric will do)
3. Production speed: 500-600pcs/min (speed differs for different type)
4. Input Pressure: 0.4~8Mpa
5. Machine power: 3-3.7kw (380V 50HZ)
6. Overall size of Equipment:Acoording to the measure and type of the machine
7. Weight of Equipment: 0.9-1.2 tons (Acoording to the measure and type of the machine)

B. Multi-Pieces Wet Tissue Packaging Machine Model: GM-DSJ-20

Function & Features:
1. The whole machine is tight in structure,stable in function and simple in operating. This machine can pack air laid paper and Noven Woven fabric wet tissue product, including other similar product which requires firm packing.
2. The running of the machine is collected by fully digital system which is consisted by the imported advanced programmable controller(PLC) and touching screen.
3. This equipment is highly automatic.It is synchronous and automatic in the process of packing .Printing production date--making hole in packing film--tag sticking--plastic bag forming--material feeding--central-sealing--cutting and sealing horizontally.
4. The material feeding position can be adjusted by the motor differential speeder wothout stopping machine. Stop position and print position can be designed at random.
5. Synchronous belt is driven. All the working panel is used stainless steel so the machine will keep against rust for a long time. It is meeting up with the international hygienic request of wet tissue machine.

1. Packing material size: L x M x H =(90-200)x(60-100)x(5-20 pcs) (Other sizes can b e produced as per customer's request)
2. Production speed: 30-60 bags/min
3. Machine Power: 5.0 Kw (including heating power 380V 50Hz).

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