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Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 20 December 2009 21:35

1. Main Specification:
1) Diameter of finished product: 80-150mm Inner
Diameter of Core: 25-55mm
2) Size of jumbo roll: Max.Width: 1800mm

Max.Dia.: 1100mm
Max.Weight: 300Kg/Roll
3) Rewinding Speed: 120-160 meter/min
(I.E. Around 3500 toilet rolls --- 5600 toilet rolls per hour)
(The rewinding can be finished in 12 seconds at the base of 220 section, and per section length is 115mm)
4) Perforating Space: 100-200mm (Adjustable)
5) Power: 8.5kw (380V, 50Hz)
6) Overall Dimension of machine: 5.30 x 2.70 x 1.80 (M)
7) Weight: 4000 Kgs

2. Features of machine:
1) Programmable controller controls system, the coefficient of production process automation is high, the function is complete and the production efficiency is high.
2) Automatically change the core and unloading finished product without stopping machine,the synchronized finished of automatic edge neatening, gluing and tail-sealing.Automatically raise and lower speed when exchange material.
3) It is tight first and loosen later when exchanging the core and winding, thus avoiding the loosen situationof the core pipe of products.
4) Automatically indicating "To add the core pipe" and stop the machine when there is no core pipes.
5) Automatically stop the machine when paper breaks off.
6) Each unwinding of jumbo roll is separately equipped with tension control.
7) The regulation for exchanging to produce various core pipe winding is convenient and brisk.
8) Paper was left in the products seal, enabling to use conveniently.
9) Stand is installed on the jumbo roll and pushed by pneumatic.
10) It's equipped with Band Saw Cutting Machine.

1x40 ft container can load one set GM-TPM-1575B

We export this machine to England, New Zealand, Greece, South Africa, Australia, Fiji, Jordan, Iran, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and other countries.

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