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Sunday, 20 December 2009 22:13

Rolled Toilet Paper Machine Model:
Function and character:

1) Controlled with electric counter to ensure the weight of product.I.E.If one toilet roll have 200 sections, Length of each section is 115mm, You can input these data into counter. The machine will be stopped automa-tically controlled by controller.
2) The composed parts of machine bracket and perforated knift roller are high in rigidity, with good antiseismic and stable operation.
3) It consists of two seperate units:Continuously Rolling, Embossing & Perforating unit & auxiliary cutting unit.
4) This machine have functions of re-winding, embossing, perforating & cutting.
5) It can be equipped with Automatic Pneumatic lift for jumbo roll according to buyer's requirement.
6) The perforation section can be adjusted and controlled from 100mm-180mm.

Main Specification:
1. Power : 6.5kw (380V,50Hz)
2. Rolling speed: 10-100 M/min
3. Capacity: about 20,000 toilet rolls/ 8 hours.
4. Size of Jumbo Roll: 13g-22g/m2, 1 Ply or 2 Ply Width 1.80M, Max. Dia: 1.0Meter, Weight: Around 200Kgs/Roll
5. Toilet Paper Rolls: Around 100 gms/roll, 2 Ply material. Diameter of finished product: around 120mm; Diameter of Core: 33-43mm.
6. 0verall Size: 3800x2700x1200
7. Weight: 1600 kgs.

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