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Sunday, 20 December 2009 21:53

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Historically, diaper production has been a very secretive and lucrative business enjoyed only by the conglomerates. Now, we are offering you the opportunity to get a piece of the action. The demand has never been greater and the timing has never been better to start your own baby diaper

production industry. Millions of babies are born daily with additional millions under the age 3years old. With the popularity and convenience of diapers increasing daily among nursing mothers and the eradication of the wash cloth, the potential for diaper production has never been greater.

1. Produces 450pcs of baby diapers per minute.(depending on Model).

2. Produces Small, Medium, Large and Extra large sizes.

3. Fully automated high speed diaper production machine.

4. Leakage barrier unit with heat pressing.

5. Elastic waste band with branding options.

6. Same diaper quality with Huggies and Pampers.

7. The Return on Investments is enormous.

8. Great export potential to other Ecowas countries. 

A. Brief Introduction
1. It can produce economical type and high-grade type products with elastic waistline and stereo-

2. It can produce four specifications ( XL, L, M, S ) of products by exchanging cutting tolls or simply 

changing belt wheel.
3. Frontal tape, side sticker and elastic waistline are added on machine
4. Leak-protection is molded on the machine with adjustable dual U-type. Stereo U type is
5. After molding, products with double wings folding are three-folded into square typeand arranged
vertically and stacked out in line.
6. Teeth-like crusher can take treated or untreated pulp with adjustable amount of SAP.

B. Features of Structure
1. Driving system:
a) Gearwheel box
b) Universal couplings
c) Arc-gear synchronous belt with good synchronization and high
mechanical efficiency
2. Driving components are installed on backboard of equipment to
prevent shaking, which also facilitates adjustment and maintenance
3. Large diameter web wheel lay out keeps the pulp thickness of the
cotton core even under high-speed operation
4. Conveyance of jumbo roll in manufacturing uses vacuum absorption
to stabilize tension of material in production
5. Molding and positioning functions are equipped with an
electrical differential device to conduct regulation without
stopping the machine
6. Material axle is fast expanding with convenient material stuffing
and accurate positioning

C. Main Specification
1. Designed Production Speed: 200-250 pcs/min
2. Production Capacity: 150-200 pcs/min
3. Machine Power: 160 kw, 380V, 50Hz ( Including glue applicators )
4. Overall Dimension: 16 x 2.4 x 3.1 ( M )
5. Weight of equipment: 25 Tons

D. Products manufactured by equipment
1. Appearance of products
Cotton core is in rectangle form and the external form is in " I " type.
2. Products Sizes: Four Specifications

Total length mm

Length of cotton core mm

Total width mm

Width of cotton core mm

Elastic Waistline ( L x W ) mm

Frontal waist tape ( L x W ) mm

Both glue tapes ( L x W ) mm

Elastic rubber band ( L x W ) mm

Weight / piece g

3. Economical Type: Material is non-woven fabric.
4. High-quality type: Stereo-protection Elastic Waistline.

E. The Quality of Products
1. The products after cutting the edge is trim without broken filament or damage with the feature, such as, soft handling and symmetry.
2. The thickness for the forming of paper pulp is even, no obvious gap on the paper pulp layer after package.
3. The thickness of rubber band in thigh position is suitable, U type is in good shape.
4. Surface material, absorbent object, waist tape and buckle tape are combined and fixed firmly.

F. The Design character of composed parts
1. Guarantee the rigidity of the press-cut roller and the operation is stable, no trembling.
2. The reasonable districution of each working part is convenient to observe and operate.
3. During production process, operating space is left in the need-regulation spare parts to facilitate the operation.
4. the heating roller uses pneumatic to press, which will fall off automatically when stopping the machine and cutting off the light, thus avoiding the burning of the products.
5. Controlled by electricity, distributed according to the position and the operation is convenient.
6. the conveyance belt is of directive slip structure in order not to cause the operation deviation by the changing of temperature.
7. The bearing on roll-cut roller is of Japanese NSK brand, the other is of domestic three most famous brands.
8. Cr12MoV material is used in the arc-cut upper and lower roller in the both sides, the usage lifetime for one time is above 4 million pcs.
9. the repress and stick of the elastic waistline silica gel in frontal waist tape are fixed firmly.

G. Assemble Parts With Machine
1. Four Specifications of arc-cut knife one set each ( all together eight sets including this
2. Flat-cut blade whole set
3. Electric Heating Pipe 8 pcs
4. Operation Manual 1 pc
5. Maintenance Tool one set
6. Damageable Conveyance Belt 6 pcs
7. Damageable Synchronous Belt 6 pcs



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