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Women sanitary pad production line: Print E-mail
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Women all over Nigeria will continually need an effective, convenient and reliable sanitary pad to help protect them during their monthly menstrual cycle. The demand on the sanitary pad has been on the increase with more women condemning the use of toilet rolls for not being effective and opting for the sanitary pads. Historically, sanitary pads had always been imported into the country but recently, large organizations had taken advantage of this opportunity to manufacture locally and enjoyed high patronage. Now at Goldmine Global, you too can get a piece of the action.
1. Production capacity of 72, 000pcs per hour depending on model.
2. Capable of producing straight or winged tip sanitary pad.
3. Produces ultra thin or super absorbent pads.
4. Machine produces same quality as international brands.
5. Fully automated with computer programmable unit.
6. Great export potential to neighboring West African countries.
7. Huge return on investments.Women sanitary pad production line


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