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       This is a small pipe extrusion line. It is composed of extruder and die, Vacuum calibration and cooling unit, Traction device and rotary cutting device, all the machine’s controls base with the control elements ergonomically adapted. This machine is easy to operate.

This machine has the ISO9001 and the CE Certificate.

? This extrusion machine can be used with wide range of applications:
1.Food industry: producing drinking straws, Lollipop sticks, Coffee stirring stick etc.
2.The other industry: producing ball pen refill, Cotton swab sticks, brake pipe and some pipe use for the industry.
?A wide range of color can be chosen :
One, two or three colors can be chosen, and can have spiral stripes and straight stripes.


Driving motor

  Main motor: 7.5kw  frequency conversion                          

  Vice motor: 0.75kw frequency conversion

          Drag and cutting device?0.75kw×2

Production Capacity

Drinking straws?30,000-50,000 pcs/h

    Straw specifications    



 Length tolerance   



 PP      PE


Main Cylinder Screw Shaft

 Main Screw shaft?Dia?45mm Length/Diameter?25/1

            Dia?50mm                    Length/Diameter:28/1 

Assist Screw shaft?

           Dia?25mm                     Length/Diameter:25/1 

 Vacuum Calibration and Cooling

 Method of vacuum fixed diameter

  Vacuum soaking

Length of the cooling cistern

 3.4m?4.4m 5.5m  can be chosen









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