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Fully automatic toilet roll and packaging line. Print E-mail

fully automatic tissue production plant

With the Nigerian Government banning the importation of Finished toilet rolls. The opportunity to start your own toilet roll production has finally presented itself with the demand for toilet rolls skyrocketing. 


  • Produces up to 40,000 toilet rolls depending on Model
  • Produces luxury and economical brand of tissues.
  • Produces 2,3, and 4 ply toilet rolls. Also produces kitchen Towels/ Rolls.
  • Embosses and perforates with Automatic sheet counters.
  • 1 or 2 operators. Silent and Easy to operate. Requires minimal space.
  • Raw material available locally.
  • Great export potential to other neighboring African countries.


 tissue product

Blister Packaging Machine: Print E-mail
Used in the packaging of manufactured capsules.
Candle Production Machine: Print E-mail
With incessant and eclectic power supply all over the nation, there’s no doubt that demand for candles will never seize and will continue to grow. There’s huge profit potential in candle production with available market waiting to exhaust daily production.
Capsule Filling Machine: Print E-mail
Application includes the pharmaceutical companies and other drug manufacturing agencies.
Liquid Sachet Packaging Machine: Print E-mail
There are enormous profit making potential in the production of liquid sachet packages. The applications include production of ketchup for eateries springing up in every corner of our country, chemicals, cosmetics, shampoo, honey, Jelly, cream, tomato paste, juice and different kinds of sauce.
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